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The Root Canal Treatment That Promotes Pain-Free Fast Healing2

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1 Million Patients

Over one million patients have been treated with the GentleWave® Procedure...and counting! Watch the video below to see what patients are saying about their experience.

Save Your Natural Tooth with the GentleWave® Procedure

The Minimally Invasive1 Root Canal Alternative

Root canal symptoms can be a pain. Root canal treatments don't have to be!

With over one million patients having experienced the GentleWave® Procedure, its role in changing patient perceptions about root canal treatment is clear. Watch the video to hear real patient accounts of their experience with today’s minimally invasive root canal that preserves natural tooth structure2 and promotes pain-free fast healing2.

How Does the GentleWave® Procedure Differ from Other Root Canal Options?

When it comes to a root canal, patients have options. Each one unique in its offerings. Read what helps the GentleWave Procedure clean differently.

GentleWave Procedure Other root canal options
Requires tooth access to prepare for treatment

Requires a small hole to be drilled into the tooth’s biting surface to gain access to the tooth’s root canal system inside.

Superior cleaning of complex anatomy

Combines a proprietary mix of multisonic energy and vortical flow to clean the smallest and most remote parts of the root canal system, leading to a very clean root canal system and less chance of needing retreatment3.

Designed for patient comfort

Designed to be a minimally invasive treatment that offers improved outcomes2 and promotes pain-free fast healing2. 96.6% of patients report mild to no pain after the procedure4.

One-visit procedure

Over 92% of patients can finish treatment in just one session, giving time back into busy schedules2.

Saves natural tooth structure

Promotes dentin preservation of the tooth2, which helps to maintain the tooth’s integrity and keeps the natural tooth stronger.

Revolutionary approach to safety

Because the technology creates negative pressure at the root end5, the fluids inside the tooth are contained to the root canal system, preventing fluids from escaping into and irritating the tissue surrounding the tooth.

Requires the root canal system to be filled

Requires that after cleaning, the treated root canal system is filled to prevent reinfection.

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The GentleWave® Blog: Answering Questions About Root Canals

Check out our patient resources to learn the causes of root canal infections, signs and symptoms and post-procedure expectations.

Are Root Canals Painful? They Don’t Have to Be.

Though advances in root canal technology have dramatically improved the patient experience, the results of our recent study show patients still fear the root canal.

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The Main Causes of Root Canal Infections

Learn the tooth decay symptoms and early signs of needing a root canal that can help you prevent them from progressing any further.

The Value in Saving Your Natural Tooth

The GentleWave Procedure isn’t simply for resolving your root canal system infection symptoms. It’s for saving your natural tooth—and your signature smile.

Why is your natural tooth worth saving?

  • Maintain bite and functionality for chewing
  • Preserve the natural appearance of your tooth and smile 
  • Prevent neighboring teeth from shifting
  • Protect other teeth from excessive wear

“The GentleWave® Procedure  was finally the solution for me after two failed root canal treatments. It was a night and day experience!”

C. Leslie

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