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The Less Invasive1
Root Canal Alternative

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COVID-19 & ROOT CANALS: If you’re experiencing root canal symptoms and have COVID-19 safety concerns, learn how the GentleWave® Procedure can help prevent the spread of infection during a root canal.

Help Preserve Your Natural Tooth with the GentleWave® Procedure

The Minimally Invasive1 Root Canal Alternative

Root canal symptoms can be a pain. Choosing your root canal option doesn’t have to be.

The GentleWave® Procedure is redefining standard root canal treatment (RCT) with a minimally invasive1 root canal process that preserves tooth structure2 and promotes early healing.2

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The GentleWave Procedure offers the following advantages:

Minimally Invasive

Minimally Invasive1

The GentleWave Procedure replaces much of the manual instrumentation in RCT with optimized procedure fluids, helping prevent the removal of excess tooth structure2 to maintain its natural functionality and structural integrity.

Effective Cleaning

Effective Cleaning

The GentleWave Procedure’s high-tech fluid delivery system distributes fluids throughout your root canal system,1,3 removing infection from the root canal system while preserving valuable tooth structure.2

One-Visit Procedure

One-Visit Procedure2

In most cases, a GentleWave Procedure can be completed in just one appointment.2 And, because GentleWave Technology is so effective at cleaning the root canal system,1,3 there's less chance of needing a root canal retreatment later.2

The GentleWave® Blog: Answering Questions About Root Canals

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Interview with Dr. Michael Adams

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Prioritize Saving Your Natural Teeth

Saving your natural teeth is an important part of overall oral health. Discover how you can preserve your natural teeth and achieve the best long-term results.

Questions to Ask Your Endo

Are you suffering from a root canal system infection? Make sure you’re asking your endodontist the right questions to fully understand how to treat this issue.

The Value in Saving Your Natural Tooth

The GentleWave Procedure isn’t simply for resolving your root canal system infection symptoms. It’s for saving your natural tooth—and your signature smile.

Why is your natural tooth worth saving?

  • Maintain bite and functionality for chewing
  • Preserve the natural appearance of your tooth and smile 
  • Prevent neighboring teeth from shifting
  • Protect other teeth from excessive wear

“The GentleWave® Procedure  was finally the solution for me after two failed root canal treatments. It was a night and day experience!”

C. Leslie

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