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Learn More About Today's Alternative to Standard Root Canal Treatment.

To learn more about the difference between standard root canal treatments and the GentleWave alternative, browse through our blog posts, videos and infographics. We’ll be adding new information regularly, so keep checking back!

What It’s Like to Have a Root Canal Procedure

Is it true what they say about root canal therapy?

When Do You Need a Root Canal

Is your sore tooth telling you that you need a root canal?

Dentist or Endodontist for a Root Canal

When you need root canal therapy, should you contact a dentist or an endodontist?

root canal retreatment | GentleWave Procedure

You’ve had root canal therapy, but now that tooth is hurting again. What can you do?

When Should You Seek a Root Canal Specialist | GentleWave Procedure

Do you think you need to see a root canal specialist? Learn the signs of an infected root canal system and your treatment options.