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GentleWave® Procedure


Learn More About Today's Alternative to Standard Root Canal Treatment.

To learn more about the difference between standard root canal treatments and the GentleWave® Alternative, browse through our blog posts, videos and infographics. We’ll be adding new information regularly, so be sure to keep checking back!

Root Canal Option | The GentleWave Procedure

Are you in need of root canal therapy? Discover the benefits of the GentleWave® Procedure—and hear what patients are saying about their experiences!

Seek a Root Canal Specialist

Do you think you have a root canal system infection? Discover the signs you should be aware of—and learn how a root canal specialist can help!

Before and After Root Canal

If you’re concerned you may need root canal therapy, make sure you understand what to expect, including the symptoms to look for and how to care for your tooth after treatment.  

Preparing for Root Canal Therapy

Are you preparing for root canal therapy? Discover what you should do to make sure you’re ready for treatment.

Root Canal Causes

Help prevent root canal system infections by understanding what causes them.