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Learn More About Today's Alternative to Standard Root Canal Treatment.

To learn more about the difference between standard root canal treatments and the GentleWave alternative, browse through our blog posts, videos and infographics. We’ll be adding new information regularly, so keep checking back!

root canal advancements

Just as technology changes, so has root canal therapy. The GentleWave® Procedure is proud to be a leader among those changes!

root canal procedure

Learn what happens during root canal therapy, including the root canal procedure method that is best for you.

root canal infection

Learn about the symptoms of a root canal system infection, your root canal therapy options and if it matters whether you see a dentist or endodontist.

root canal dental implant

Should you pursue root canal therapy or a dental implant? The GentleWave Procedure is a minimally invasive1 option that helps you save your natural tooth.

root canal signs

If you’ve been experiencing one or more of these signs, you may have an infected root canal system.

root canal retreatment

There are a variety of reasons root canal retreatment may be needed. Learn how the GentleWave Procedure eliminates some of the concerns.

root canal visits

While standard root canal treatment typically requires two treatment visits, the GentleWave Procedure can be completed in just one session!

root canal recovery time

If you’ve been told that you need a root canal, the procedure and the recovery time depend on the type of root canal treatment you receive. In most cases, the GentleWave® Procedure can be completed in just one session.

root canal alternative

If you’re looking for an alternative to standard root canal treatment, you’re not alone! The GentleWave Procedure is a less invasive option that delivers a higher standard of clean.

root canal dentist

While your dentist will likely be the one to diagnose the infected pulp tissue, they may not be the one to perform the treatment. Many dentists will refer their patients to an endodontist.

What You Should Know About Root Canal Treatment

Learn what happens if you have an infected root canal system, and the treatment options that exist—including the GentleWave® Procedure, an alternative to standard root canal treatment.  

root canal specialist | GentleWave Procedure

If you’ve been experiencing toothaches, sensitivity and/or swollen gums, a possible diagnosis could be an infected root canal system. The next step toward symptom relief is to find a root canal specialist who can provide treatment. 

what is an endodontist

After visiting your dentist for toothaches or pain, you may learn that you have an infected root canal system. Following this diagnosis, your dentist may either recommend that they perform a root canal treatment, or refer you to an endodontist.

Do I Need a Root Canal? Possible Signs and Symptoms

Root canal treatment is needed when the pulp, or the soft tissue that lives inside the root canal of a tooth, becomes infected or inflamed, and cannot be restored to become healthy again. The symptoms of an infected root canal system vary, but the treatment required is often the same.

History of Root Canal Treatment

Learn about endodontics and the history of root canal treatment—including recent innovations such as the GentleWave® Procedure. 

What is a Root Canal?

When the root canal area of a tooth becomes infected, endodontic treatment is needed. Learn about the alternative to standard root canal treatment—the GentleWave® Procedure.