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Do You Have a Root Canal System Infection?

Root canal symptoms can be bothersome but if left untreated, an infection can worsen and lead to more serious health-related problems.*

If you’re experiencing tooth discoloration or discharge, lingering sensitivity to cold or heat or a constant toothache,** it may be time to seek treatment. Even if you stop experiencing the signs you need a root canal, you should still consult a specialist, as root canal system infections don’t go away on their own.***

Patients have typically only had two options for treatment: standard root canal treatment (RCT) or tooth extraction followed by a dental implant. But did you know there is a revolutionary third option? Discover how the GentleWave® Procedure—a minimally invasive1 alternative to standard RCT—can provide fast healing4 and effective removal of bacteria, debris and tissue2 from the deepest, most complex parts of the root canal system!1

*Mayo Clinic



The GentleWave® Procedure is a medical procedure that is designed to prepare, clean and preserve the structure of teeth1,2,4 indicated for root canal therapy. Similar to other root canal treatment procedures, there is a potential risk of adverse effects. If you are considering the GentleWave Procedure, ask your clinician if you are a proper candidate. For additional information, visit

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