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Finding a Root Canal Specialist | The GentleWave® Procedure

Have you been told you need root canal therapy? While your dentist can perform this treatment, you may also be referred to an endodontist, which is a root canal specialist with advanced skills in treating more complex cases. If you’re interested in the minimally invasive1 GentleWave® Procedure, though, be sure to ask specifically for a GentleWave® Provider!

The GentleWave Procedure utilizes fewer files than standard root canal therapy1,2 and broad-spectrum acoustic energy2 to clean the deepest, most complex portions of the root canal system1,2 for fast healing4 and a lesser chance of failure over time.4 Once you’ve decided on the GentleWave Procedure for your root canal therapy, the next thing you’ll need to do is find a specialist!

How Can I Locate a Root Canal Specialist Near Me?

Finding a GentleWave Provider in your area is easy! Take a look at how to use our Provider Locator for a list of specialists near you.