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Does a Dentist Perform a Root Canal?

When the pulp of a tooth becomes infected, there are various symptoms that may be experienced, including toothaches, swollen gums and increased sensitivity. Once these symptoms begin to affect your daily life, the first step toward relief is typically scheduling an appointment with your dentist.

Diagnosed with an Infected Root Canal System

During a visit to the dentist to assess your tooth pain and symptoms, you may learn that the pulp-filled cavity of your tooth has become infected or inflamed. If this is the case, root canal therapy may be needed.

While your dentist will likely be the one to diagnose the infected pulp tissue, they may not be the one to perform the treatment.

Who Performs Root Canal Treatment?

Both dentists and endodontists perform root canal treatments—however, many dentists will refer their patients to an endodontist.

Endodontists undergo additional schooling following dental school, allowing them to become experts in the interior of the tooth, where the root canal is.

Scheduling a Root Canal Treatment

GentleWave ProcedureWhether you’re seeking root canal therapy from your dentist or an endodontist, there are different methods of treatment that can be used.

Standard root canal treatment is a process that has largely remained the same since the first root canal instrument was introduced in 1838.* During this method of root canal treatment, both files and treatment fluids are used to clean and disinfect the root canal system.

Another root canal treatment option is the GentleWave® Procedure. A recent innovation in root canal therapy, the GentleWave System delivers procedure fluids that clean and disinfect the root canal system. Using fluid dynamics and broad spectrum acoustic energy, the procedure removes bacteria, debris and tissue from the root canal,2 reaching into the microscopic crevices of the canal walls that standard root canal treatments cannot.3 

Since the GentleWave Procedure is so effective at cleaning and disinfecting the root canal system, patients enjoy less chance of root canal treatment failure over time.4

Finding a Root Canal Provider

Consider your treatment options as you search for a dentist or endodontist to perform your root canal. The GentleWave System offers a minimally invasive alternative1—and patients report an overall more comfortable experience after receiving the GentleWave Procedure when compared to standard root canal treatment.4

If you’d like to experience an alternative to standard root canal treatment, use our Provider Locator to find a dentist or endodontist near you with the GentleWave System.

* Castellucci, A. A Brief History of Endodontics. Endodontics, Volume 1, Pg. 2

The GentleWave® Procedure is a medical procedure that is designed to prepare, clean and preserve the structure of teeth1,2,4 indicated for root canal therapy. Similar to other root canal treatment procedures, there is a potential risk of adverse effects. If you are considering the GentleWave Procedure, ask your clinician if you are a proper candidate. For additional information, visit

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