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What is an Endodontist?

After visiting your dentist for toothaches or pain, you may learn that you have an infected root canal system. Following this diagnosis, your dentist may either recommend that they perform a root canal treatment, or refer you to an endodontist.

Endodontists perform root canal therapy, but many don’t know about these dental professionals until they’ve been referred to one.

Committed to Saving Teeth

what is an endodontistEndodontists are dentists who concentrate on diagnosing tooth pain and performing procedures on the interior of the tooth, such as root canals.

To become an endodontist, two or more years of focused training are completed after dental school. The treatments endodontists perform fight off disease or infection, helping you to preserve your natural smile.

Whether or not you are referred to an endodontist will depend on how comfortable your dentist is handling root canal treatments themselves. Dentists are able to perform root canal treatments, but many will prefer that you see an endodontist.

Root Canal Treatment Options

Standard root canal treatments use instruments, such as files, to remove infected tissue, which can leave bacteria behind in hard-to-reach places. This bacteria can build up over time, and may cause infection to return. If you have an infected root canal system, the GentleWave® Procedure is an alternative you should consider.

The GentleWave System is a minimally invasive alternative1 to standard root canal treatment that simultaneously deep cleans and disinfects your entire root canal system.2 During the procedure, your dentist or endodontist will use the GentleWave System to deliver a combination of broad range acoustic energy and optimized procedure fluids. As a result, the GentleWave technology removes infected tissue, thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting your entire root canal system—even in the tiny places where bacteria hide.3

If you’re seeking an alternative to standard root canal treatment, choose the GentleWave Procedure. Use our Provider Finder to locate a GentleWave dentist or endodontist near you!

The GentleWave® Procedure is a medical procedure that is designed to prepare, clean and preserve the structure of teeth1,2,4 indicated for root canal therapy. Similar to other root canal treatment procedures, there is a potential risk of adverse effects. If you are considering the GentleWave Procedure, ask your clinician if you are a proper candidate. For additional information, visit

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