The GentleWave® G4 System

Built to be the system of the future. Primed to grow with your practice.

Standardized, Minimally Invasive1 Root Canal Treatment

The GentleWave G4 is the latest technology from Sonendo that excels at root canal system debridement and disinfection.

  • Debrides and disinfects uninstrumented, undetected and intricate anatomic features.4,5
  • Provides unsurpassed cleaning in apical thirds.3,5,6
  • Predictably removes up to 99.9% of biofilm and cleans up to 98.1% of organic tissue in mesial canals.3,7,8
  • Delivers 7x faster tissue dissolution using NaOCl vs. passive and active ultrasonic systems.6-9
Optimized Performance

Optimized performance

The GentleWave G4 System is enhanced for performance and geared to support future software and evolving features, so your system can grow with your practice.

Improved Procedure Awareness

Improved procedure awareness

The intuitive interface offers step-by-step guidance while providing auditory cues to improve procedure awareness without looking at the screen.

Simplified Transport

Simplified transport

Ergonomic handles, large wheels and accessory basket simplify transport between operatories to prevent procedural delays.

Reduced Prep Time

Reduced prep time

High-capacity fluid reservoirs allow up to 6 treatments before refilling procedure fluids to reduce daily system preparation time.

Increased uptime

Increased uptime

Battery backup keeps your system powered on and primed while unplugged to increase your system’s uptime.

Connect with a Sonendo® Representative

Connect with a Sonendo® Representative

Talk to a Sonendo® representative to get your questions answered and learn more about partnering with our team to increase your success.

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