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The GentleWave® G4 System at AAE24

April 17-20, 2024 · Booth #701

We look forward to meeting you in Los Angeles for AAE24! Join us to learn about our mission of Saving Teeth. Improving Lives. with the GentleWave® System. 

You’ll have the opportunity to Test-Drive the GentleWave G4 System, attend in-booth lectures presented by your peers and have discussions with our Clinical Experts.

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GentleWave G4 System

We cordially invite you to join us at these special events

Dr. Kirk Coury and Dr. Bruno Azevedo

To The Point Lecture: Enhancing Endodontics: Integrating 3D Imaging and Multisonic Cavitation and Disinfection with the GentleWave System

Date: Wednesday, Apr. 17th
Time: 11:30AM
Location: Santa Monica Beach, West Exhibit Hall A
Speakers: Dr. Kirk Coury and Dr. Bruno Azevedo

In-booth lectures: Don't miss out on the latest from your peers

Learn about the methods your peers are practicing, the technology they are using and the latest breakthroughs in endodontics with this series of timely lectures.

Transform Your Practice with Smart Workflows & GentleWave Technology

Time: 9:30AM

Speakers: Dr. Nick Mastroianni and Dr. Dean Saccomanno

Overview: ONE ENDO® shares how to transform your life and practice while utilizing GentleWave® Technology for modern endodontic care. The GentleWave Procedure has shown to be a game changer in the efficiency, efficacy and team satisfaction of ONE ENDO practices all over the country. Join us to learn and discover what’s possible for your patients, your life and your practice.

Nick Mastroianni, Dean Saccomanno of OneEndo
The Endodontist: The da Vinci of Dentin

Time: 2:00PM

Speaker: Dr. Jonathan Uhles

Overview: "The Endodontist: The da Vinci of Dentin" draws parallels between Leonardo da Vinci's mastery of human form and modern endodontists' expertise in preserving dentin. Through techniques such as the GentleWave System and innovative obturation methods, we aim to emulate da Vinci's ability to capture natural beauty by preserving and capturing the intricate anatomy of the root canal system. This presentation explores how advancements in technology and methodology enable endodontists to elevate their craft to an art form, akin to da Vinci's mastery in his time. Join us as we delve into the artistry and precision of modern endodontics, inspired by the timeless legacy of Leonardo da Vinci.

Jonathan Uhles
Endotalks Pro with Dr. Mustafa Gündoğar

Time: 2:30PM

Speakers: Dr. Mustafa Gündoğar and Dr. Karen Potter

Overview: Join us in booth for a live recording with Dr. Mustafa Gündoğar and Dr. Karen Potter

Dr. Mustafa Gündoğar and Dr. Karen Potter
The Endo Artist

Time: 4:00PM

Speaker: Dr. Scott K. Hetz

Overview: The Endo Artist is a story about the connection of creativity and the application of breakthrough technology. You are invited to think ‘inside the box’ to address the complexities of Invasive Cervical Root Resorption (ICRR). The GentleWave console unlocks what’s possible ‘in that box’ to achieve the goal of healing and preserving each tooth’s natural anatomic artistry!

Be prepared to be engaged and entertained with an ICRR case series demonstrating GentleWave’s superior tissue dissolution combined with innovative obturation techniques. This precision approach to address resorption connects our left-side brain logic to unleash the creative side accessible to every one of us.

Scott Hetz
Revolutionizing the Industry: Exploring the GentleWave Technology and Streamlined Workflow for Clinical Excellence

Time: 9:30AM

Speakers: Dr. Nick Mastroianni and Dr. Dean Saccomanno

Overview: Hear from the founders of ONE ENDO® as they share how they experience practice growth with the help of the GentleWave System. Learn how you, too, can grow your practice and your life in ways you never thought possible. If you’re a clinician looking to dramatically increase your patient outcomes, practice incomes and your own satisfaction, this lecture is for you!

Dr. Nick Mastroianni and Dr. Dean Saccomanno
The Healing Essence of Endodontics

Time: 11:30AM

Speaker: Dr. Kirk Coury

Overview: Join Dr. Kirk Coury for a presentation that focuses on the essence or ultimate goal of Endodontics – returning the tooth to function and periapical healing. Dr. Coury will share his experience of over 6 years of using multisonic cleaning and disinfection technology with GentleWave. This presentation will show a range of cases, from simple to complex, including short and long-term follow-ups. Gain valuable insights and leave this session empowered with a deeper understanding and greater confidence that advanced cleaning and disinfection utilizing the GentleWave Procedure can consistently and predictably provide.

Kirk Coury
Future-Ready Endodontics: Empowering Graduate Endodontic Education with Multisonic Cleaning Technology

Time: 12:30PM

Speaker: Dr. Bruno Azevedo

Overview: This presentation highlights the advantages of integrating multisonic cleaning and disinfection technology into endodontic residency programs. Our goal is to showcase how the cutting-edge GentleWave Technology prepares residents to meet the future head-on and supports them through the transition from learners to skilled practitioners. By emphasizing the technology’s pivotal role in shaping a new generation of endodontists, we aim to underline the comprehensive support provided by Sonendo in making this advanced tool an accessible and integral part of endodontic training. This approach ensures that novice endodontists emerge from their programs capable and fully confident in leveraging innovative treatment methodologies for excellent patient outcomes.

Bruno Azevedo
Endotalks Pro with Dr. Mustafa Gündoğar

Time: 12:45PM

Speakers: Dr. Mustafa Gündoğar and Dr. Kirk Coury

Overview: Join us in booth for a live recording with Dr. Mustafa Gündoğar and Dr. Kirk Coury

Dr. Mustafa Gündoğar and Dr. Kirk Coury
Unleashing Practice Potential: Transformative Tech for Practice Growth

Time: 2:45PM

Speaker: Dr. Sonia Chopra

Overview: Have you ever considered how technology can transform your practice? Join Dr. Sonia Chopra as she shares the impact of GentleWave on her practice. Discover how this innovative technology has helped her improve patient outcomes, boosting significant growth potential- both in and out of the practice.

Sonia Chopra
My Endodontic Transformation: Embracing the GentleWave Journey

Time: 9:45AM

Speaker: Dr. Matthew Miller

Overview: In this lecture, Dr. Matthew Miller will delve into the transformative journey that modern endodontics has undergone with the introduction of the GentleWave Technology. He will explore how embracing the GentleWave Procedure has revolutionized our traditional root canal therapy approach to a more efficient, effective and pleasant experience. He will share his group practice evolution, recounting how integrating the GentleWave Technology into his practice has not only elevated their skill set but also transformed the patient experience and exceeded expectations. Join Dr. Miller as he reflects on the challenges, breakthroughs and profound impact this journey has had on his approach to endodontics.

Matthew Miller
The Picasso Principle

Time: 1:00PM

Speaker: Dr. Michael Ribera

Overview: The Picasso Principle, inspired by the innovative artist Pablo Picasso, embodies the idea that creativity and mastery are not bound by convention or traditional norms. It emphasizes the importance of daring to think differently, pushing boundaries and embracing one's unique vision and style. Much like Picasso's groundbreaking approach to art, the principle encourages healthcare professionals to break free from conventional thinking, embrace breakthrough technologies and unleash their creativity. It underscores the value of originality, self-expression and the willingness to challenge the status quo to pursue endodontic excellence and innovation. The Picasso Principle reminds us that true mastery lies in the ability to transcend limitations, embrace change and create a genuinely extraordinary patient care experience.

Michael Ribera
Endotalks Pro with Dr. Mustafa Gündoğar

Time: 3:00PM

Speakers: Dr. Mustafa Gündoğar and Dr. Michael Ribera

Overview: Join us in booth for a live recording with Dr. Mustafa Gündoğar and Dr. Michael Ribera

Dr. Mustafa Gündoğar and Dr. Michael Ribera

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